SGT Unutoa, Victoria “Toria” Unutoa, July 26, 1985 – July 17, 2007, a week short of her 22 birthday. Niece of Robert “Bob” White and Victoria “Torie” Unutoa-White.

Born in Alaska, raised in the islands, American Samoa. Served 2 tours in Iraq and Fallujah “OIF”, she was sign up again, to stay with her unit, she loved her unit and was loved by everyone. She became ill while working around chemicals being used.

She drove the heavy equipment’s and transported supplies where needed, hitting 2 mine fields and God protected her and others in her team. She refused to go to TMC until she had to.

In turn she was sent to Germany to “decontaminate” and 1 surgery there then she came home with us in Hawai’i and cared for at Tripler.

She was laid to rest in our village in American Samoa.