March 22, 1940–May 22, 2017 Bernie died peacefully as a result of a heart attack. An Army Veteran during the Vietnam war era where he worked on airplanes and tanks and was a communications officer.

After his military career he went into the garment industry in New York City as a buyer for children’s clothing. It was this career that led him to meet his future wife of 48 years.

The adventure seekers that they were decided to honeymoon across the US to California upon their arrival to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood they decided to make California their permanent home.

In 1975 they moved out of the city to the suburbs of Anaheim Hills where they made a wonderful life together for 42 years.

Bernie was fortunate to travel world wide through work and pleasure, experiencing life to its fullest.

Bernie is survived by his beloved wife Karyn Schonherz of 48 years and daughter Kimberly Schonherz.
His sister Siva Sandowski and 2 nephews Abe & Steve of New York.